very nice, very evil

Danhausen’s FIRST ever licensed action figure is with Zombie Sailor’s HEELS and FACES!

This highly detailed vintage style figure will be available on BLACK FRIDAY starting at 10am est

Danhausen will get paid DIRECTLY for EACH AND EVERY FIGURE SOLD!!!

Pre-order starts on Friday November 26th 2022, at 10am est

this is a PRE-ORDER item, Danhausen will ship Q2 2022

Pre-Order is the ONLY way to get Danhausens unique accessories that include: Jar of Teeth, Sack of money, and a wad of Danhausen human money!

(bonus accessories will be packaged separately from the carded figure)

Danhausen will have:

a wired cloth cape

ALL his tattoos which were carefully recreated

Highly detailed sculpt by master artist Alex Heinke

Blueprint design by Toy Legend RON RUDAT!

Thank you for all of your interest!


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