Andre the Giant™ Coming to Wrestling's Heels and Faces®

Zombie Sailor’s Toys is honored to announce the biggest signing to Wrestling's Heels and Faces® yet! Officially licensed by The Andre Roussimoff Estate: Andre the Giant™!

This vintage-style, 5-inch Andre the Giant™ figure will be a part of Wrestling's Heels and Faces® Series 2, which will be available for pre-order Q4 2022.

The sculpt is already completed and it looks tremendous; the likeness of is uncanny!

This Andre the Giant™ will be taller than all the other 4.5-inch-scale Wrestling's Heels and Faces® figures.

Andre the Giant™ joins over 40 other wrestling stars from the past and present to the Wrestling's Heels and Faces® roster, which is shaping up to be one of the most historic wrestling toy lines of all time!

Hand-sculpted prototype by Alex Heinke!

We here at ZST are on a mission to bring you the best Andre the Giant™ figure ever made!

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