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Aug 26, 2022


Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered Wrestling’s Heels and Faces last year. ALL PRE-ORDERS have been fulfilled and t...

May 17, 2022

Series 1 has finished production and have shipped from the factory!!!

We are pleased to announce that Heels and Faces series 1 have finished production and have shipped from the factory. ...

hand sculpted

We use traditional sculpting methods to bring every collectible to life.

Every Detail Matters

Carefully applied precision paint applications.

Tradition Returns

Original Hasbro designer, Ron Rudat has returned to design ALL the Heels and Faces figure blueprints.

Wrestlers Currently Signed

All of our wrestling figures are officially licensed directly with the talent or their estates.

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honoring pioneers

we are shining a spotlight on overlooked legends and paying them directly a percentage of every figure sold.

all about the body

with series 1, every wrestlers unique body was individually sculpted for that figure, no generic one size fits all molds.

First Time Ever

Here at Zombie Sailor’s Toys, we will be making LICENSED first time figures for many wrestlers, including DINO BRAVO.

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