Wrestling's Heels and Faces®: The Savage Legacy Collection™

After more than a year of quiet development, we at Zombie Sailor's Toys are thrilled to announce the newest sub-series to our Wrestling's Heels and Faces® line of premium collectibles: The Savage Legacy Collection™!

Featuring the most authentic and flamboyant range of 4.5-inch-scale and 6.75-inch-scale adult collector action figures of the one and only, "Macho Man" Randy Savage™!

No rhinestone will be left behind, as we have partnered with Randy Savage™’s career-long costume designer, Michael Braun to serve as the official costume and reference consultant.

Our initial release, "Macho King" Randy Savage™, depicts one of Randy Savage™'s most captivating looks and is already well into production, along with more than two dozen other future Wrestling's Heels and Faces® releases.

Designed by toy legend Ron Rudat and sculpted by Alex Heinke, with paint and fabrication by Jennifer Johnson.

Diving into homes in early 2024.

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