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Lifelong toy collector and vintage figure specialist, Zombie Sailor, was one day looking over his '90s wrestling figure collection and could not believe how many key wrestlers never got turned into action figures before and were seemingly "missing" from the series. Realizing no one else was ever going to make them for us, Zombie Sailor decided to take matters into his own hands and create a fully licensed vintage-style wrestling figure line that would fill the void for many fellow collectors.

Combining the vintage size, look, and feel of wrestling figures from yesteryear with a modern twist, such as improved sculpts, along with signing many professional wrestlers who were never given the credit they deserve, Wrestling's Heels and Faces® was born.

Zombie Sailor searched high and low to assemble an all-star team of artists to not just make Wrestling's Heels and Faces® good... we had to make it the best. We hired some of the industry's leading sculptors, painters, and package designers, as well as one of the top toy manufacturing factories to bring you a collectible wrestling figure line that will shatter the proverbial glass ceiling.


TRADITION - We enlisted the guidance of legendary toy designer Ron Rudat, the man who created the majority of the original line of 4.5-inch-scale wrestling action figures from 1990 to 1995. Mr. Rudat will hand draw all the blueprints for every single figure that is produced. All the figures start out with Ron's design and we go from there. This is unheard of and we are honored to have Mr. Rudat playing such a pivotal role for this series, by coming out of action figure designing retirement to bring Wrestling's Heels and Faces® to life!


HAND SCULPTED - Sure, 3D printing is great, but we feel that with hand sculpting it gives each figure a more personal touch. We are humbled to have the talent of superstar sculptor, Alex Heinke. Alex is a master at his craft and has done critically and commercially-acclaimed figures for the top collectible company in the world, NECA. We are focused on details, with many of the figures having individually-sculpted bodies unique to that particular wrestler. Alex has certainly captured every star’s likeness perfectly, and it is a privilege to have him sculpt every Wrestling's Heels and Faces® release!


PAINT AND COSTUMING - What good is a collectible if it is not beautifully painted? Zombie Sailor enlisted the ever-so-lovely Jen Johnson to fully paint and create soft goods for all our figure prototypes. Jen has a keen eye for detail with machinelike, precision paint strokes. Jen's work is clean and crisp, exactly what was needed if we are striving to be the best. Jen has created costuming and paint work for companies such as Sideshow Collectibles and Wicked Cool Toys.


SMALL BATCH - Mass-market toys, especially current wrestling figures that you would be able to find in big-box retailers have production runs of up to 50,000+ pieces per figure, per wave... not us. Considering we are aware that this is a niche market, who demand and deserve the best quality imaginable, we are producing these figures in small batches, starting at around 2,500–3,000 figures per character. If all goes well and these figures sell out, then we will potentially create more figures for those that missed out down the road.


BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING - All figures will be placed inside a traditional blister on a beautifully-illustrated, thick-backing card featuring a gorgeous, newly-drawn photo of that particular wrestler that is sure to turn heads once displayed in your collection. Artist Rich Davies is a digital DaVinci, having created all the art featured. Rich has created stunning posters for Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros., and many others.


PACKAGE DESIGN - John Lucas Reyes has created all of the packaging layouts, the Wrestling's Heels and Faces® logo as well as all the graphics that you will see on our social media and this very website. John is extremely talented and captured exactly what we were looking for in our packaging: old school meets modern.


WRESTLERS COMPENSATED DIRECTLY - Every wrestler is getting paid directly a percentage of their figure sales. No middle man. By making a purchase, you are directly supporting that wrestler or their estate.


Wrestling's Heels and Faces® promises to be the ultimate culmination of years of hard work of hustling case-fresh vintage toys on Instagram to potentially creating the greatest wrestling figure line in recent memory.

We thank you for all of your support! 

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